Avani is constantly expanding their product line to provide the best and most user-friendly fume filtration and extraction products on the market. The latest product line for Avani is customized Environmental and Welding Booths. The Welding and Environmental Booths are designed around the needs and specifications provided by the customer. The latest installation of Avanis Welding Booths consisted of 48 Welding Booths (WB-10), 3 Dust Collectors (SDC-25x2-40) and several plasma and downdraft tables. The initial Welding Booth (WB-10), a 5x5 work area, was sent to the customer along with an Oskar Representative to make all changes needed to provide the proper fit and extraction needed. This is just one of Avanis many products to provide clean and breathable air to the welders and surrounding workers.