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At InfoSight “We BARCODE Difficult Stuff!™”. InfoSight specializes in solutions for asset identification, for durable labeling of your systems, for tracking and inventorying your production or processes or for compliance labeling. InfoSight’s ultra-durable tags include scuff and UV resistant metal tags for asset and system labeling and heat, corrosion, abrasion and paint resistant tags for galvanizers, fabricators and manufacturers. Tags are available preprinted or blank – to be printed with one of InfoSight’s heavy-duty laser printers.

InfoSight also manufactures custom machinery for industrial applications that integrates our advanced marking, tagging and barcode reading products to solve difficult manual and automatic identification applications for plate, slab, wire, pipe and tube mills and automotive plants worldwide.

You can find our tags and our bar coding equipment being used in the four corners of the world in places like labs, schools, military bases, hospitals, utility plants, steel mills, galvanization and fabrication shops and automotive manufacturing plants.


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