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Roberts Sinto Corporation works closely with clients to provide solid, practical solutions to foundry operations and automated material handling problems. As a world leader in the foundry industry, Roberts Sinto prides itself in manufacturing foundry systems and machinery that meet the highest standards of performance, productivity and quality.

FBO Flaskless Molding Machines - Changing the way you think of flaskless molding FOREVER. This series of machines include the widest range of mold sizes and pioneered drag roll-out for core setting. The FBO set new standards in mold quality throughout North America and remains one of the most popular flaskless molding machines on the market today.

The Barinder Grinder - Another introduction by Roberts Sinto revolutionizing cleaning departments throughout North America. This innovative, flexible automatic grinder cleans almost any part geometry to precision tolerances. The Barinder is replacing the old tough hand labor job of grinding and setting new standards in process quality. After purchasing their initial unit, most customers have quickly purchased several additional Barinders to handle all grinding requirements.

Econo-Pour Pouring Systems - One of the most flexible, accurate and cost competitive metal pouring systems available today. Introduced for jobbing foundries, but equally capable in the high volume arena, Econo-PourSystems significantly improve foundry yield, eliminate pouring related scrap and considerably lower labor related cost. Econo-Pour utilizes state of the art PLC, proportional controls, load cell and vision technology to monitor and accurately control the pouring process repeatedly.