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Fronius International GmbH is a world market leader in high frequency welding technology. Headquartered in Wels, Austria, the US subsidiary, Fronius USA LLC is located in Brighton, Michigan.
Fronius has the perfect solution for every application area. From compact MMA welding machines, MIG and TIG applications to complex automated welding systems. In addition there are new technologies for cutting and spot welding. The secret of its lead in innovation: all products are developed in collaboration with those who use them. This means that all Fronius products are matured, tested in real-life situations; reliable and user-friendly. The quality certificate ISO 9001 of our productions plant shows complete guarantee for the highest, periodical controlled quality. Our products are manufactured according to the valid product standards and are provided with the UL/CSA approval.
Innovation has defined the welding technology division from the beginning. For decades it has made significant contributions to advances in welding technology. Over the years, Fronius has launched innovation after innovation with astounding success.
With employees from coast to coast, Fronius USA will support your companys needs. From sales to service and a full service Demonstration/Lab for MIG and TIG Welding we will continue to rise above the competition.