New! Rebel 80 Servo V3

New! Rebel 80 Servo V3 from Edge Technologies

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The Rebel 80 Servo V3 is a compact bar loading system for CNC lathes. With a large magazine capacity allowing for long unattended operation, the Rebel combines the advantages of auto bar loading with a small footprint and an economical price. This unit is for processing bars in the diameter range of 8 - 80mm and in lengths up to 1520mm (5’) on CNC lathes.

Using the control pendant, the operator can choose either forward or reverse pusher travel while the Rebel is in manual mode. User friendly software delivers fast set-up on easier jobs and powerful advanced features for more sophisticated demands. Sub-spindle mode allowing you to “feed-on-the-fly” using your lathe’s sub-spindle. Return & wait mode which slashes 30% of bar change time from the load cycle by staging the next bar while the lathe is still cycling.

Fixed piece feedout eliminates the need for a turret stop by allowing you to program a feedout value. Multiple feedout mode features up to 10 feedouts per part using any combination of the above functions. Optional shaft loading provides an efficient, off-the-shelf loading system for higher production shaft jobs.

Conversational control features include state-of-the-art touch screen and Menu Driven Programming. This control stores unlimited part programs. It also features programmable bar diameter and part length. The operator simply enters the bar diameter and part length, the Rebel will automatically adjust the parameters for loading, feedout, and bar change.

With a linear feed and servo drive the bar stock is loaded into the main spindle of the lathe by a linear feed mechanism with a toothed belt and servomotor. This allows for bar stock to be fed into position without the use of a fixed bar stop.

The axial shift allows for spindle liner changes as well as maintenance access to the back of the lathe spindle. The Axial Track is standard in X or Z axis. Spindle liners sized to bar stock diameter support the rotating bar allowing maximum RPM. When not in use, the new Fold Away Axial Track folds up to eliminate tripping hazards when loading magazine.

The Rebel 80 Servo V3 runs entirely on electricity, no shop air required. It utilizes a toothed belt drive for pusher motion, making it maintenance free with no adjustments required.

The V-Tray Roller design reduces friction and noise. These rollers are very helpful for loading large diameter bar stock. Optional 90° rollers are available for loading profiled material. Quick Change Pusher helps with the changeover of stock sizes. The easy loading of barstock is aided by a smooth transfer of stock from the table to the v-tray rollers, eliminating noise and vibration. Because the stock is no longer than spindle length, the rotating stock does not come in contact with the Rebel 80 Servo V3, allowing high speed machining; especially in hex, square, or profiled stock.

Other features an extra-large magazine for a larger number of bars at the ready, the magazine storage capacity is 720mm (28”). The magazine includes the Safety Load feature; magazine extensions used to load large diameter bars without a pinch point hazard. The magazine’s incline is adjustable enabling the loader to “easy load” large diameter bars.


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